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  1. Stay-On
    Herbal Empowerment Capsules:
    (You might as well fondly call it HERBAL VIAGARA)

    In today’s fast paced, overstressed, over ambitious lives coupled with atmospheric pollution, junk food/fast food, chemical preservatives has created a havoc with far reaching Mental & Physical consequences in people’s personal as well as interpersonal lives. People have begun to show symptoms of diabetes, heart problems, hyper tension in early ages. Sex related problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, orgasm failures etc. in sexual relationship has led to spurt in broken marriages or unhealthy extra-marital relationships.

    That’s where Stay-On herbal empowerment capsule steps in. It’s a unique combination developed to give you Physiological as well as Psychological advantages and relief. It is a powerful aphrodisiacal potent stress-buster. This is what makes Stay-On popular and ever so dependable. There are hardly any other herbal or allopathic compositions in the Indian or international markets those can give this dual benefit as effectively and that too with a lasting effect as Stay-On. No wonder Stay-On is aptly referred to as an ‘empowerment capsule’.

    “….Inconsistency, weak erection in my sexual encounters was creating a rift in my married life, till I discovered Stay-On herbal capsules. Within 21 days of switching on to Stay-On I started experiencing marked change in my erection and heightened sexual performance. And that too with no side effects at all.” Mr. R. Mody, Mumbai.

    Is a uniquely researched capsule developed by appropriate combination of over fifteen rare herbs in right proportion to give the most satisfactorily proven results with just ‘21day’ course.
    “It’s time you performed great sex like a stud in his 20’s”
    Increase your sexual performances... offer your partner a sexual gratification and vitality like when you were in your 20’s

    Stay-On Guarantees to help :
    * Sexual performance of men of all age groups (adults)
    * Rectify temporary/partial/occasional or permanent erectile dysfunction
    * Increase the duration of sexual performance (Orgasm)
    * Increase libido
    * Increase length & size of penis.
    * Premature (early& fast) ejaculation
    * Increase vitality, vigor and stamina
    * Stay-On 100 % natural & no side effects .Tested product. Totally secure.
    * For men & women of all ages.
    * For maximum result, take two capsules one hour before sexual relations/encounters.
    Basic Guidelines for Understanding
    ‘Stay-On’ Empowerment Philosophy
    The importance of sex in our lives has remained quite unchanged. The crucial points to be kept in mind in relation to the same being
    • Sex is an integral part of our daily habits Sex in reality is a basic biological necessity.
    • The ideal time for physical/sexual intimacy is two hours after dinner at night time.
    • An absolutely satisfying sexual union, when developed over time, bestows you and your partner with health, vitality and emotional bonding.
    • For best results, each of the partners should be physically, emotionally and spiritually involved with the other.
    • Touch, smell, food, music and ambience play a vital role in developing, increasing and prolonging intimacy leading to conjugal bliss.
    • Perverted or unsatisfying sex has adverse effects on your mental and physical health, as it aggravates your vital energies and reduces immunity. Either of you may become emotionally vulnerable and fear-prone.
    • The frequency of sex depends on your constitution, emotional compatibility, age and seasons.
    • Healthy food habits, clean bodies, abstinence from isotropic drugs leads to enhanced sexual pleasures, excitement and lasting emotional relationships.

  2. This product is made of local oils & do not have any effect. This is simple oil mixed with herbs from a KIRANA Shop.The product has been trying on 10 persons. The amount spent on testing around Rs. 1900/-. No one is satisfied. The amount spent has gone waste. Even there is no effect of 1%. People are advised to take care before purchasing this FAKE Drug. It is 100% that Stay On is FAKE product.

    1. Dear Atul We are expert in Sexual wellness you contact us on 9927384802 , for your satisfaction .

  3. Sankey:
    Stay-on is exactly the same wat it means , it is realy a gr8 product, i have recommended this to many fellows n al are extreme satisfied by this.

  4. Give me the contact details of your friends. I would like to check with them.

  5. if any person bother to impotance then tell me your full details i help you to remove your complete problume

  6. You might be a Commission agent of this FAKE Drug or a Salesman of the Company.If you are so much of confident about this medicine, why dont you give the contact details of the persons ?
    Why r u afraid of giving details?

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  8. Ashok aap konsa bhi oil use karlo aapa uthna mushkil hi nahi Na mumkin he...............

  9. First of all I don't think that this type of medicine actually work. Second thing the priced set by manufacturers are very high compare to manufacturing cost. One thing is clear " IN SE OR KISI KO FAYDA HO NO HO INKO BANANE WALON KO BAHUT FAYDA HOTA HAI, IN TERMS OF PROFIT"


  11. This “STAY ON” is a 100% DUPLICATE DRUG. A full fledge counterfeit medication and a counterfeit drug. This “STAY ON” oil & Capsules which are produced and sold with the intent to earn good money by making fool to general public & plainly represent its baseless origin, non authenticity or effectiveness less.

    These bogus and unauthentic products are doing violation of laws.

    “STAY ON” is an example of a false claim that it came from ayurveda or other means of therapeutic. It has no special strength or miracle to work on. The nature of this fraudulent drug is ranges from those which contain no original or actual ingredients. It is a product produced by some wrongdoer to make general public fool & cheat them with handsome money.

    This fake drug is dangerous and ineffective; this counterfeit product is very unsafe for human health and safety. It may cost to health a big way, so it is a clever way to avoid such drugs and inform the “Drug Controller of India” as well as “State Drug Inspectors”.

    In our country, counterfeiting of drug is very difficult to detect, investigate, quantify, or stop; it is duty of all alert people to make complain against such manufacturers.

    We all should discourage this type of OILS, CAPSULES, JELLYS etc. because the considerable difference between the cost of manufacturing counterfeit medication and price that counterfeiters charge is a lucrative incentive. Fake ingredients and low concentration on quality can do damage to anybody at any extent.

    People here above commenting in favor of are might be commission agent, salesman, broker, dalal or manufacturer of this FAKE DRUG.

  12. Rathoreji, Aapka kahana bilkul sach hai. Aise chor aur daaku logo ko aam janta ko lutne aur health ke saath khelne ke liye jail bhej dena chahiye. Mei to kahunga ki har state ki government ko aise doctaro, vaidhyo aur nakli dawai banane walo ke khilaf ek muhim chalani chahiye aur unhe pakad kar ger jamanati warrant me band kar dena chahiye. Hindustan ke choro ki jai ho ??

  13. 1. Go to a Endocrinologist or Andrologist ( DM - Doctrate in Medicine / Uro Sciences ) spends almost 9-10 years in getting a DM Degree. he will examine the patient Clinically and would suggest appropriate Treatment. This is what will add value to your Sexual Health and well being in General. Dont Waste your Time in Self medication. This may cost a more in terms of consultation fees etc - but will Guide yo in the Right Health care path.

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